hand​made for players​

Hinkle Ukulele

The process of crafting many Hinkle Ukulele begins with a fallen tree. 

I harvest logs from trees that have come down and might otherwise become firewood. 

I mill planks from the logs and air-dry them for years before re-sawing the wood for ukulele parts. 

The parts are made and assembled in my little woodshop/music studio. 

Each individually crafted ukulele is then finished and set up with quality strings and tuners. 

The last part of the process involves a little breaking-in jam with each instrument to make sure it plays well and sounds good.

I have been a professional woodworker for over twenty years, and a musician even longer. I am a proud graduate of Mary Washington College and had the privilege of studying Fine Cabinetmaking with James Krenov at College of the Redwoods.